Our New Website

Welcome to our new website. Here at GUNFIGHTERS Ltd. we are committed to providing state-of-the-art training to assist you in attaining the highest level of personal safety by offering a variety of courses that encompass the full spectrum of use-of-force.

 In addition to the training courses, you will find resources that will provide you with invaluable information in a wide range of topics via podcasts, on-line TV videos and written material in our blog.

 I have done extensive work with Mr. Ian Kinder, a truly gifted instructor, of Live Safe Academy (www.livesafeacademy.com) to coordinate our efforts with one goal in mind – to provide the best information available to our clients. With our decades of experience, the training methods taught in the hands-on classes along with the material presented in the podcasts and on-line TV videos will help you navigate through the many issues surrounding self-defense.

 Several exciting projects are underway that will augment the existing programs offered at GUNFIGHTERS Ltd. I look forward to announcing them when they come available. Meanwhile, please enjoy the various podcasts and on-line TV shows available on this website and never hesitate to contact us for further information.


Thank you for all the support over the many years and I look forward to a productive future.



Lou Chiodo