Combat Shooting Methods Course



“Combat Shooting Methods-Target Focused Shooting Essentials

With A Handgun”

 I am pleased to announce the release of my on-line course produced and marketed by Ian Kinder of Live Safe Academy. It can be purchased at

 What are the benefits of purchasing “Combat Shooting Methods-Target Focused Shooting Essentials With a Handgun? Here are three VERY practical reasons why this course will be valuable for you to purchase:


 The target focused combat shooting methods taught in this course are time –tested, relevant, and realistic combat shooting methods that have proven to work in the dynamic, high-stress environment of close-quarters combat. These combat shooting methods have been validated over decades of application in the conditions present in combat not just on the range. The curriculum is based upon reality, not theory.


 Our busy schedules and commitments can make it difficult to find time to practice our combat shooting skills. This course makes it easy to fit training into your busy schedule. You can safely practice and develop your skills without leaving home by integrating airsoft technology and/or dry firing to participate in the course. I go into detail about the use of airsoft technology (the preferred way to learn the methods taught in the course) safely without having to take the time to drive to a range. Often, you are not allowed to practice combat shooting on public ranges due to safety considerations and range rules. Once the skills are developed, you can integrate live-fire to fully develop your skills. In essence, training with one system compliments the other.


 Repetition is essential to develop skills that require us to integrate our minds and bodies. Ammunition is very expensive and at times, not readily available. Combining airsoft and dry firing is an inexpensive and effective way to rapidly develop your skills. You can do the bulk of your training with the airsoft handgun and then augment it with live-fire allowing you to save hundreds of dollars in ammunition costs.

 Also, many people spend thousands of dollars traveling to courses that require airfare, hotels, high tuition for the course, ammunition costs and other incidental expenses just to attend a course that is short in duration. Also, the curriculums taught in many courses don’t address the realities of real gunfights. By purchasing this course, you can practice the 3,000 repetitions without the expenses I have listed. Also, you can use this course as refresher training once you have completed the course AND MOST IMPORTANTLY practice a methodology that is COMBAT TESTED!


 The course provides background information on Target Focused Shooting and its development

  • Completion of the course will establish a base-line skill level in Target Focused Shooting for close-quarters combat
  • It is self-paced allowing you to integrate it in YOUR schedule
  • The course is unique in that it uses airsoft technology in a prescribed series of drills to help develop your skills while still allowing for the use of dry firing and live firing at a range to increase your performance.
  • By developing Target Focused Shooting Methods, you augment any of your prior training in precision shooting methods to make you a more combat ready fighter.

 Thank you for taking the time to learn about this course. My goal is to make you a better fighter by presenting methods that are combat proven over decades of application.

 Lou Chiodo

Gunfighters Ltd.