Tactical Tip Of The Week


Tactical Tip Of The Week


Grand Master Louis M. Chiodo

Welcome back to those who have been reading the “Tactical Tip Of The Week”. For those who are new to these postings, you can find the previous postings in my website, www.gunfightersltd.com or in my Face Book page, Gunfighters Ltd. Combat Shooting Methods Inc. I sincerely hope you can benefit from the information in these postings.

Here are a few thoughts about force-on-force training that I think are important to the overall training regime that we use to increase our combat shooting skills. While training on the range using live fire will always be a critical part of the overall training necessary to maximize our skill level, it is a part of a bigger picture. I always use the analogy that shooting at a piece of paper, cardboard or steel plate is much like hitting a heavy bag in our unarmed combat training. The heavy bag and range training helps us develop the mechanical skills needed to more effectively fight, but if the skills developed by using these two training tools isn’t taken into an environment where we can practice the application of those skills in a realistic way, our training is incomplete. Here are a few quick thoughts about this issue.


Training conducted on the range helps an individual learn the life-saving methodologies essential for dominating the tactical scenarios that he/she may confront in a real world encounter. The range is where the individual can develop the psychomotor skills required to hit the threat with combat accuracy. The range, however, is only one element of training. It is necessary to take the psychomotor skills developed in range training and integrate those skills in an environment that simulates conditions found in the combat environment. It must be understood that it is very difficult to fully simulate combat in a training environment. The element that will always be missing in a training environment is that the individual is not in fear for his/her life. This means that there will be a difference in the physical and psychological impact on the individual depending on how each individual views the training environment.

A main objective in force-on-force of training is to create a training environment that will allow for a realistic application of the methodologies that have been presented on the range against a “human target” (role player). The individual can use the skills developed on the range in a manner that will be consistent with the way the individual will use his/her firearm in a combat shooting. This training evolution allows the individual to work in an environment of increasing intensity. By operating in an environment of increasing intensity, the individual will become accustomed to using his/her firearm in a manner consistent with the way the it will be used in a real word encounter.

Whenever possible, try to integrate force-on-force training into your training. It will provide you with a way to more fully develop your combat shooting skills.

Be safe!

Louis M. Chiodo

Grand Master