Due to the nature of our training curriculum, training at GUNFIGHTERS LTD. is limited to active law enforcement officers, military units and valid concealed carry permit holders. I can conduct a training course that is hosted by a department, military unit or individual officers can form a class consisting of members of their agency or other agencies from nearby jurisdictions. Also, a group of concealed carry permit holders can host a class. Ideal class size is approximately 20 officers. This allows me the ability to work closely with each student.


Since the primary source of clients for my business will be in the law enforcement, military units and concealed permit holder community, training can be conducted at your facility. This has two primary benefits for our clients. The first benefit is that I have virtually no overhead to operate this portion of my company. I do not have a facility to pay for and the requisite expenses involved in maintaining the facility. This means that you do not have to pay for property, you pay for training which results in tremendous savings for all attendees. The second benefit is that it is significantly less expensive to use your facility and bring me to you. Just think of how expensive it is to fly even a small group to a training facility, pay for housing, food and transportation once at the location. The money saved can be used to train more personnel or simply saved for other purposes.



Simply contact me through this web site or call to begin the process. I will be able to provide further details about the training curriculum and establish direct contact with you. As a reminder, GUNFIGHTERS Ltd. only provides training to active duty/retired law enforcement officers, concealed carry permit holders and military units.