The mission of our firearms training is to prepare a student to use firearms in a fight against an adversary in what usually begins as a spontaneous attack initiated by the adversary. Our firearms program is not about shooting. It is about fighting. When the concept of fighting is taken out of firearms training, we have forgotten the purpose of our training.


The goal of our firearms training program is to instruct officers and military members and concealed carry permit holders in time-tested, relevant, and realistic combat shooting methods that have proven to work in the dynamic, high-stress environment of close-quarters combat. The combat shooting methods taught must also be consistent with the results of the best research currently available. It is essential that the combat shooting methods be validated in the conditions present in combat not just on the range. GUNFIGHTERS LTD. IS NOT A TARGET SHOOTING SCHOOL. The curriculum taught is specifically designed to increase your gunfighting skills. You are not being trained to defend yourself against paper and cardboard targets. You will be trained in methods that you can use to defend yourself in close-quarters combat against a determined and aggressive adversary. Target shooting methods simply don’t make it in that environment.


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