I have developed a training protocol that is applicable to handgun, shotgun and tactical rifle usage in the context that each of these weapon systems are deployed in real world encounters. The objective of our training is to prepare a student to effectively respond to a lethal threat when any and/or all of the following are present:

  • The incident is usually spontaneous
The suspect has the initiative and the officer is reacting to a lethal threat
  • The officer experiences extreme life-threatening stress and perceives his/her life is in jeopardy
  • The Sympathetic Nervous System is activated
  • The officer does not have fine and/or complex motor skills during high-stress situations
The distances involved in the shooting will generally be at close range (within 7 yards of the suspect)
  • Close-quarters combat shootings are generally extremely fast, occur under poor visibility, and cover is not immediately available.

If you want to more effectively operate with your weapons under the conditions outlined above, I have training that will help you accomplish that goal.

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