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Qualification Summary

My military, law enforcement and over 53 years of martial arts experience (Grandmaster, 9th Degree Black Belt) in multiple disciplines led me to develop unique firearms training programs that enhance life-saving combat shooting skills. Be it basically trained police recruits, police SWAT teams or advanced military operatives, my courses dramatically increase personal performance where it counts- under fire.

Military Service: Captain, United States Marine Corps (Regular) with service in:

  • 1st Marine Division
  • 3rd Marine Division
  • 3rd Marine Amphibious Force, Joint Military Advisor’s Group
  • Recruit Training Regiment, Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego California

Law Enforcement Experience: California Highway Patrol (Retired)

  • Worked approximately 23 years in patrol working graveyard in conjunction with providing advanced instruction in all disciplines of use-of-force


  • Bachelor’s of Arts Degree – Management, Rhode Island College
  • Bachelor’s of Arts Degree – Philosophy, Rhode Island College
  • Post Graduate Studies – Systems Analysis, University of Southern California

Firearms / Use-of-Force Instructor Experience

  • Trained personnel from over 180 national and international police agencies and members of the US Military
  • Conducted law enforcement training over a 34 year period.
  • Developed internationally recognized combat shooting methods
  • Developed and implemented weapons training programs for the largest state police agency in the United States
  • Pioneered the use of airsoft equipment into a variety of training programs
  • Presented programs of instruction for international firearms training instructors

Publications: Author of “Winning a High-Speed, Close Distance Gunfight”


GUNFIGHTERS Ltd. considers it both a privilege and honor to have provided training to members of the following agencies and organizations:

Louisville, KY P.D.
Orange County, S.O., CA
Salt Lake City UT, PD
Jeferson County S.O., KY
Riverside County S.O., CA
Putnam County S.O., IN
San Diego Police, CA P.D.
Murray, UT PD
University Heights, OH P.D.
La Mesa, CA P.D.
Davis CO. S.O., UT
Perry Township, OH P.D.
Maine State Police.
Sunset UT PD
University of Cincinnati , OH P.D.
National City, CA P.D.
West Jordan UT PD
Riverside, OH P.D.
Escondido, CA P.D
Kaysville UT PD
Delaware, OH P.D.
Carlsbad, CA P.D.
L.A. County S. O., CA
Fremont, OH P.D.
San Diego Harbor P.D., CA
Van Buren, MI P.D.
Ventura County S.O., CA
Nassau County Probation, NY
Troy MI, P.D
U.S. Border Patrol
Suffolk County Police, NY
Rockwood, MI P.D.
Santa Anna, CA P.D.
Rockville Police Dept
Monroeville, PA P.D.
El Cajon, CA P.D.
Wayland, MA Police Dept.
Dearborn, MI P.D.
Chicago, IL P.D.
Londonberry NH Police Dept
Coshocton County S. O., OH
Detroit, MI P.D.
Princeton, MA Police Dept
Austintown, OH P..D.
Glendale, CA P.D.
San Diego County Prob. Dept., CA
Ball State University, IN P.D.
San Jacinto, CA P.D.
Farmington Hills, MI PD
Steubenville, OH P.D.
Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources
Ferndale, MI PD
Fostoria, OH P.D.
Moraine, OH P.D.
Live Safe Academy, LLC MI
Wadswrth, OH P.D.
Southfield, MI PD
Garden City, MI PD
Rogers, AK, PD
Montgomery County S.O., OH
Shelby Township, MI PD
Wilmington, OH P.D.
Wilmington, OH P.D.
Westland, MI PD
Mt Orab, OH P.D.
San Diego County S.O., CA
Newport, KY, PD
Ann Arbor, MI P.D.
Erlanger, KY PD
Ft Mitchell, KY PD
Van Wert, OH P.D.
Moraine, OH PD
Lakeside Park, KY PD
Kenton County Det. Cntr, KY
Sidney, OH PD
Covington, KY PD
Independence, KY, PD
Mayfield Heights, OH PD
Airport Police, Cincinnati, OH
Kenton County KY, PD
Edgewood, KY PD Ft Wight, KY PD
University of Utah Police
Salt Lake City Airport Police
California Highway Patrol
University of CA
San Diego PD
Oakland County SO, MI
San Diego County DA Office
Chula Vista CA, PD
General Motors Corporation
Garden Grove CA, PD
Northville, MI PD
St. Clair Shores, MI PD
Madison Heights, MI PD
Pennsylvania State Police
York County S.O., PA
Altoona PA, PD
Madonna College Public Safety Portage PD, MI
Saginaw Township PD, MI
Memphis PD, MI
Calexico PD, CA
San Luis Obispo DA’s Office, CA
Washington County S.O. PA
West Manchester PD, PA
Southwestern Reg. PD, PA
Northeastern Reg. PD, PA
Lower Windsor PD, PA
W. Whiteland PD, PA
Hellam TWP PD, PA
Bensalem PD, PA
Amity Twp PD, PA
Sullivan County S.O., PA
West Chester PD, PA
West Maheim Twp., PA
Franklin PD, MI
Raisin TWP, MI
Walled Lake PD, MI
South Lyon PD, MI
Warren PD, MI
Novi PD, MI
Inkster PD, MI
Sterling Heights PD, MI
Genesee county SO, MI
Clayton TWP PD, MI
Canton TWP,DPS, MI
Shiawassee County SO, MI
Sault Ste. Marie PD, MI
Chippewa County S.O., MI
Luce County SO, MI
Michigan State Police
U.S. Customs
ICE St Ignace PD, MI
Sault tribe Law Enforcement, MI
Sault Ontario PD, Canada
Austell PD, Austell, GA
Clarke County SO, Hartwell, GA
Clayton Cty DA, Jonesboro, GA
Clayton Cty PD, Jonesboro, GA
Clayton State University, Morrow, GA
DeKalb, Cty SO, Lilburn, GA
Fulton Cty PD, Newnan, GA
Henry Cty, PD, McDonough, GA
Kennesaw State Univ., Kennesaw, GA
Rockmart PD, Catersville, GA
Clarke Cty SO, Athens, GA
Coronado PD, Coronado CA
Grossmont Community College PD
Southwestern Comm College PD
Oakland Com College Police Academy
Cape Coral PD, FL
Charlotte County SO, FL
Muskegon Hgts PD MI
Plymouth Twp PD, MI
Grand Travers CTY, MI
Auburn Hills PD, MI
Tuscola CTY, MI
Lincoln Park PD, MI
Ypsilanti, PD, MI

In addition, clients from the United States military and from several countries have been trained in the methodologies taught at GUNFIGHTERS Ltd.


Worked directly with Col. Rex Applegate in the development of weapons programs

Louis M. Chiodo, Founder GUNFIGHTERS Ltd. – 23 years Law Enforcement training experience

Designed, developed and implemented a program of instruction for the largest state police agency in the United States for the Combat Pistol, Tactical Rifle and Combat Shotgun

Designed, developed and implemented a program of instruction for the integration of the weapons training program into an Integrated Use-of-Force Program

Designed, developed and implemented a Force-on-Force Training Protocol to integrate simunitions and other technologies into the training program

Trained in excess of 500 weapons training and use-of-force instructors within his employed agency / and trained military and law enforcement instructors and personnel from countries throughout the free world


Guest instructor for numerous engagements for The International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI)

Instructor, California Highway Patrol Academy

Guest instructor for Bruce Siddle’s PPCT

Guest instructor for the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office

Guest instructor for the Gryphon Group (Corporate security Personal Security Detail instruction)

Guest instructor, California Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.)

Guest instructor, TREXPO WEST Law Enforcement Conference 2006, 2007, 2008.

Advanced California Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) certified

Certified instructor by the State of California for the following weapons systems: Pistol, revolver, shotgun, tactical rifle, side-handle baton (PR-24, Expandable baton (ASP) and pepper spray

Developed the Task-Oriented Qualification System (TOQC) and the Task-Oriented Combat Qualification System (TOCQC)

Developed the weapons training program for the largest sate police agency in the United States


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AUTHOR OF “Winning a High-Speed, Close-Distance Gunfight”

“Winning a High-Speed, Close-Distance Gunfight” is a study of issues relevant to today’s use of firearms in the high stress environment of close-quarters combat.