At GUNFIGHTERS Ltd., our staple programs emphasize close-quarters combat handgun methods of engagements. I have developed a variety of courses and workshops that encompass the full spectrum of use-of-force.

While I offer time-tested courses that follow a well-defined curriculum, courses and workshops can be tailor made to meet the needs of the host.

Here are  courses and workshops available from GUNFIGHTERS Ltd.:
Close –Quarters Combat Shooting Methods
Phase One Combat Shooting Methods
Phase Three Combat Shooting Methods
Task-Oriented Qualification Course (TOQC)
Task-Oriented Combat Qualification Course (TOCQC)
Airsoft Combat Shooting Methods
Force-on-Force Training Concepts
Intermediate to Long Range Engagements
Support-Hand Only Engagements
Low Light Engagements
Close-Quarters Battle Carbine
Close-quarters Battle Shotgun
Active Shooter Response Workshop
Handgun Manipulation While Injured Workshop
Impact Weapons Concepts Workshop
Winning a High-speed, Close-distance Gunfight Workshop

Concealed Carry Workshop

Defense Around Vehicles Workshop

Unarmed Combat and Sharp Weapons Workshop

Information about course and workshop content is available upon request. Based upon the subject matter presented in these programs, the makeup of a particular training session is extremely flexible. I am able to work with the client to provide the type and level of training required to meet their particular needs.